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    Hi, my name is Devin Day! I am an ACE certified personal trainer, boxing coach and am certified in CPR and first aid. But beyond all the qualifications and more importantly I am a highly motivated family man who is passionate about helping you achieve your goals. 


   In order to do so, I strive to stay up-to-date and informed on all the latest fitness and health research as well as work around the clock to come up with the best and most personalized programs for everyone I train. I also focus on the psychology behind staying consistent (#1 factor in determining success) by improving my methods to increase motivation and determination.


    My training style adapts based on your needs but there are a few foundational concepts that will always stay the same regardless if your trying to lose weight, get shredded or just improve your overall quality of life . These basic principles include focusing on joint mobility and stability during warm ups, building lean muscle mass and strength while perfecting the technique of each movement, and advancing education on nutrition.


   Now enough is enough. Today is the day to stop reading about how to change your life and start acting on it. You have all the answers you need and if you dont, I will help you find them. The best time to begin is today, not tomorrow, not next week, today. I look forward to meeting you and begining this journey.



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