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"I am a mobility specialist (FRCms, FRAs), trainer (NASM-CES, CPT) and Kinstretch instructor with 10+ years of experience. Earlier on in my career, I coached youth through adult gymnastics, tumbling and fitness while finishing an undergrad in Health studies. At this time I was competing in powerlifting at a national level and beginning to emphasize coaching and programming strength/hypertrophy (muscle building) progressions. After this more strength and conditioning type coaching, I started working in a clinical exercise therapy setting, working with many individuals in/post rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries and other special populations.


Today, my training philosophy blends the assesment and development of ""internal"" or mobilty/movement training with ""external"" or conventional strength/resistance training, to increase body awareness/control while improving your joints capacity to function while being strong and resilient where they're functioning. The better you move, the higher quality and more efficient your training becomes, and I'm all about spending our time as efficiently and intentionally as possible! I'm passionate about the training process and take pride in educating my clients with up to date, well evidenced information as we learn how to better organize our training and master moving the bodies we live in!"



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